Strengthen the diaphragm in sleeping positions.

Caution: Breathing exercises presented here are not for people with osteoporosis, osteopenia, or fragile bones. If you have a history of tumors, pneumothorax, or hemothorax, you will need to seek medical advice and/or supervision prior to performing any breathing exercises.

Purpose: To continue working the diaphragm in four different sleeping positions.

Schedule: Perform Breathing Exercise Stages 12 - 14 together in one session.

Start: Lay down on your right side and curl into the fetal position.

Step 1: Perform the Core Pump from Breathing Exercise Stage 6, for 2 minutes.

Step 2: Turn over onto your left side, remain curled up, and perform the core pump for 2 minutes.

Step 3: Roll onto your back while maintaining the fetal position, and perform the core pump for 2 minutes.