The "Core Pump"

Caution: Breathing exercises presented here are not for people with osteoporosis, osteopenia, or fragile bones. If you have a history of tumors, pneumothorax, or hemothorax, you will need to seek medical advice and/or supervision prior to performing any breathing exercises.

Purpose: To learn to move the chest and diaphragm when the lungs are at their largest (inhale and hold) and smallest (exhale and hold) volumes. This exercise enhances control of the breathing muscles and forms the basis for further self treatment.

Schedule: Perform Breathing Exercise Stages 4 - 7 together in one session.

Start: Begin by sitting down in a comfortable, upright position with your feet placed firmly on the ground.

Step 1: Place your left and right hands as follows:

Left Hand: place over your belly button.
Right Hand: place over your chest bone.

Step 2: Raise the chest to expand your rib cage as you inhale and hold your breath.

Step 3: Drop your chest and push the air down, expanding your abdomen.