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I am a physical therapist, and this is an online journal of my own restoration and improvement process which I have developed over the last fifteen years on a professional and personal level. Thanks to my two children, who are adults now, I have played many sports that I did not have the chance to play in my younger years. In order to keep up with the growing athleticism of my children, I explored and successfully improved my fitness, basketball, soccer, tennis, and golf skills.

A lot of my physical therapy patients have asked me the question, "If YOU have problems, who do you go to?" Well here is the answer...myself! is dedicated to providing an example of how ordinary people can perform self restoration of their bodies to achieve improvements in their personal health. I have learned from many teachers and clinical cases in the past, and therefore will not claim any techniques as original or of my own invention. However, this Projectself Restoration Process is my unique recipe that starts with restoring the regions of the Internal Organs, and subsequently moves on to the Spine, Blood Vessels, Nerves, and Extremity Joints. and its contents are not be used to replace sound judgement or medical advice from qualified practitioners. We have no intent to make or treat any medical diagnoses as that is the domain of Medical Doctors.

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