Balance rotational spine mobility Part I

Caution: It is strongly recommended that you perform all of the breathing, organ, and hip exercises before you attempt this Spine Exercise.

Purpose: To learn how to mobilize and balance the rotational movement of each spine segment.

Schedule: Perform Spine Exercise Stages 1 – 3 together in one session.

Start: Begin by lying flat on your back, and with the soles of your feet pressed together. Allow the knees to fall comfortably on both sides towards the floor.

Step 1: Place your left and right hands as follows:

Left Hand: ‘vertical’ and resting on your pubic bone.
Right Hand: palm down and resting on your abdomen, just above the left hand.

Step 2: Distract your spine just as you did in Stage 1, by sliding your pubic bone away from the rest of your spine such that your left hand moves away from your right hand, and HOLD this position.

Step 3: Focus on rotating the spine segments under your hands to bring your right knee down to the floor.

Step 4: Rotate the other way and bring your left knee down to the floor. Perform the entire rotational exercise a total of 5 times and then rest.