Improve left hip mobility – left foot forward.

Warning! This set of exercises is not designed for people with artificial hip or knee replacements. Please consult your surgeon and/or physical therapist about your needs.

Purpose: Our hip joints are ball and socket joints that manage the force transition between our spine and our legs. Mobile and healthy hip joints provide power and mobility for daily living as well as sports. As we get older, hip joints get tighter. The length of the gait decreases and approaches a ‘shuffling’ gait in the later stages of life. The goals here are to restore hip joint space and improve hip mobility throughout the gait cycle. Improved hip joint space may improve the chances for cartilage regeneration.

Schedule: Perform Hip Exercise Stages 3 and 4 together in one session.

Start: Begin by standing upright and then taking a comfortably large step forward with your left foot.

Step 1: Establish a firm hold around the left femur (thigh bone) near the groin with both hands.

Step 2: Keep your arms firm and shift your weight to your right foot, effectively distracting the left hip joint.

Step 3: Turn your left foot out and your left pelvis in.

Step 4: Bend your torso forward and perform the Core Pump three times.

Step 5: Bend your torso backward and perform the Core Pump three times.

Step 6: Sidebend your torso to the right and perform the Core Pump three times.

Step 7: Sidebend your torso to the left and perform the Core Pump three times.

Step 8: Turn your left foot in and your left pelvis out.

Step 9: Repeat Steps 4 – 7.