The Philosophy

Patience. Love. Attention to details.

Imagine the task of restoring an antique chair. First, it requires the gentle stripping of many layers of dust and old paint. Next, the underlying structure must be strengthened and repaired. Finally, the surface needs to be refinished and beautified. How long will that take? Now, imagine what it would take to restore an entire house. Similarly, it will take years of dedication to successfully complete your own body's self-restoration. Self-improvement on the other hand, will be a life long task. You will need to be patient with yourself.

Self love is needed to sustain this long journey.

Your body will always be as strong as its weakest part. The areas you ignore now become the problem areas of the future. Your attention to detail is vital to successful restoration and long lasting results.

Follow the Sequence.

It takes a lot of experimentation and experience to create a successful 'recipe'. A 'recipe' is a formula that usually leads to predictable outcomes over and over again -- if the proper sequence is used. A lot of logical, physiological, and medical reasoning went into developing the sequence that I describe to you throughout this website. You will need to follow this sequence in order to achieve success.

Hardware and Software Integration.

Let us think of the physical body as both hardware and software. For total functionality, the hardware and software must work in concert with each other. The structures such as organs, blood vessels, nerves, joints, and muscles, need to be restored first. Then, re-programming of the nervous system will follow in order to change old habits and sustained stress.

Simple and Reliable.

I am following the Simple and Reliable principal here. This is a simple and reliable "How To" site that tells you how to work on your body. I leave the "Why" questions for the researchers to answer.